Company Profiles - Sizing dimensions and Do’s & Dont’s

Sizing dimensions:


  • File types supported: PNG, JPEG
  • Max file size: 2 MB
  • Recommended dimensions: height:300px, width:1920px (safe area 1280px align in the centre of the image)


  • Logo file types supported: PNG, JPEG
  • Max file size: 2 MB
  • Recommended dimensions :128 x 128 px or bigger


  • Use only one image or just a vector graphic
  • Make sure that your design is reflecting your employer branding or your company brand
  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure that your content can fit all the dimensions (desktop & mobile)
  • When using some text make sure that it is not overlapping the job title or any call to action
  • Use your icon logo (rectangle in most brands), the same one you are using in your social media profiles.


  • Avoid using text inside the image, or use just 1-2 small words like hashtags eg #teamKariera
  • Don’t make it too noisy
  • There is no need to have your logo in the image. There is a dedicated area for your logo
  • Don’t place your main content close to the corners & edges of your design to prevent its disappearance on some screens
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